Exchanging a LĒVO

Updated 3 days ago by Michael Putlack

In the rare instances when someone would like to exchange a LĒVO unit, for another color for instance, please follow these steps to assist them. Essentially, we have to treat this like a return and then generate a new order for them. The difference between this and a return is that we will never authorize a refund in Return Logic for the item.
  1. Send the cx to the appropriate US/CA Return Logic portal.
    1. Instruct them to add the "Exchange" as the reason for their return.
  2. Snooze the ticket and check back later to make sure the new unit is in transit.
    [Is it best to wait until it has arrived?]
  3. Once the original unit is in transit, generate a new order for the customer in Shopify and discount the LĒVO unit to be the price of the restocking fee.
    $19.32 in the US and TBD in Canada (as of 11/26/21)
  4. Add on the standard option for shipping.
    Shipping is not free for these replacement orders, even if the original order was over the free shipping threshold.
  5. Send the invoice to the customer in Shopify. Once this is paid, their new order will propagate to ProPack and the new order should be headed their way.
    If you're feeling extra generous towards the customer, once the order lands in ProPack you can email them to ask them to prioritize shipping it out.

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