Return Logic Basics

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Basic overview of Return Logic and Extend Warranties/RMAs/Refunds

Below is an overview on handling Return Logic and Extend Claims at LĒVO. Please be aware that if the customer did not purchase an Extend Warranty, and if the customer purchased the unit BEFORE November 5th 2021 we handle the claim through Return Logic. Please be aware that currently we only offer the Extend plan in the US.

Our coverage plan is as follows:

  • Grandfathered Coverage (Only applies to orders placed before November 5th, 2021)- 100 days to refund, 3 years of basic coverage
  • Basic Coverage- 30 days to refund, 1 year of basic coverage

When accessing Return Logic or Extend for claims, please read the below Standard Operating Procedure on how to handle, depending on if the Customer purchased a protection plan through Extend:


Return Logic-

Step 1: When a ticket comes through in Gorgias: Troubleshoot via live chat, or send troubleshooting macros (be specific if you need to)

Troubleshooting macros to search for in Gorgias:

  • Warming Issue
  • Drain Valve
  • Internal Leak | Leaking During Infusion
  • Won't Turn On/No Power
  • Lid Latch | Lid Closing

Step 2 (If Unsuccessful): There will be cases where troubleshooting a certain issue will not provide the CX with a positive outcome for them and their LĒVO. Follow up with using the "Warranty: Return Request" macro message to have the CX set up a claim. Be unique in messaging as always if need be.

Step 3: Evaluate if the issue submitted is covered or not covered.

If covered and approved, do the following for a Replacement

Placeholder for range of approved serial numbers

The SN range where we are more flexible for replacing Lid Latches/ lid hinges is SN # G21801 - G22039 (or units made between 2018 and the 39th week of 2020).

If any questions come through about if the lid issues were fixed, SN# G22040 and later have the quality updates to the lid latch, lid hinge, and stirring motor

Placeholder for basic warranty information like basic coverage

  1. Visit the Return Logic Dashboard and Log in to appropriate US or CA channel. Go to Originate RMA for respective US/CA side (located on the top left side next to Return Logic Brand).

  1. Search for CX by Order Number, RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, Email, Customer, or Order Name- This will come up as the main page.
  2. Once in the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) area, check for: Serial Number (SN), verify date of purchase falls into eligibility, ensure the return reason isn't something fixable like a part replacement, and check for previous notes in Internal Notes. If a 3PW third-party), additionally check for proof of purchase.
  3. Enter SN into first line of Internal Notes (located at very bottom right hand side while in the customer's RMA).
  4. Authorize RMA.
  5. Replace draft item with matching item WARRANTY SKU version.
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    1. Under Requested Item, click the red X.
    2. Select +Add Item button.
    3. Add WARRANTY SKU item (ex; LEVO II Paprika Red - WARRANTY - ensure it's the WARRANTY version of the item, and that it's in stock in case of updating CX if there could be delay.)
    4. Check the box that appears once the item is selected.
    5. Item is now updated and added in Return Logic.
  6. Approve RMA.
  7. Process RMA.
    1. When you select Process, it sets up both the draft and final order in Shopify for us, so no need to go into Shopify unless a manual adjustment must be made that cannot be in RL.
  8. Return Logic claims do not need to be submitted to the team's Shopify Transaction Record.

Refund RMAs are also slightly different in their process. If you ever find yourself on task to these, you would go through the beginning warranty steps, but then they alter slightly:

  1. Go to Originate RMA for the respective US/CA side.
  2. Search for CX.
  3. Once in the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) page, check for: Serial Number (SN), verify date of purchase falls into 100 or 30-day eligibility (refer to: this doc), ensure the return reason isn't something fixable like a part replacement, and check for previous notes in Internal Notes.
  4. Enter SN into the first line of Internal Notes.
  5. Any additional notes can be entered as a line break below the SN.
  6. Authorize RMA.
  7. Done. Return Logic sends out a return label automatically to the CX, and all else is processed automatically as their LĒVO gets sent back.

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