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Controlling LĒVO II with the LĒVO App

Great! Now that you have connected your LĒVO to your phone with the LĒVO App, you can begin to monitor and control your infusions wirelessly. 

Set up your Cycle Settings using the app:

  1. Make sure your LĒVO is connected to your mobile device via the LĒVO app first
  2. Open the app and go to the Control Dashboard (the oil droplet icon in the lower left corner)
  3. Select your desired cycle setting (Dry, Activate, or Infuse) and set the time and temperature
  4. When you press START, the LĒVO will begin the cycle and start to warm up. The screen on your mobile device and on the LĒVO II will both reflect this until "Warming Up" is complete, then they will display the set temperature setting along with the time remaining
  5. Set temperature and the time remaining can be adjusted within the app during the middle of a cycle, and it will take effect on the LĒVO II
  6. If you would like end the cycle using the app, click STOP on the Control Dashboard
  7. You can also schedule your infusion to begin at a later time using the scheduling feature on the Control Dashboard (for Infuse cycle only).
NOTE:  You cannot change cycle types from the app after starting or finishing a cycle. You must manually press the “Cycle” button on the LĒVO II to select the next cycles once you have begun.

This is because when switching from one cycle to another (ie. DRY to INFUSE or ACTIVATE to INFUSE), liquid must be added to the reservoir, thus requiring the user to physically be with the machine to complete that step. This is a safeguard. 
What the app CANNOT control wirelessly for your LĒVO II: 
  1. Cannot power on/off
  2. Cannot dispense liquid
  3. Cannot change the temperature scale between Fahrenheit to Celsius. You can select the scale on the app to reflect how the app displays temperature, but it won’t reflect on the LEVO II screen
    1. To change the scale from Cº to Fº on the LEVO II manually, press down on the Time Up and Time Down buttons at the same time for 2 seconds
  4. Cannot change cycles during or after a cycle


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