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Altitude and LĒVO InfusionsUpdated 2 years ago

Take extra care when infusing and cooking with infused ingredients at higher altitudes, where the boiling and smoke point of ingredients is lower than when at sea level. If an ingredient reaches its boiling or smoke point temperature, it can begin to break down and lose its integrity (nutritional value and flavor). Fats and oils have the potential to emit free radicals at their smoking point.

Infusing at higher than normal temperatures may also become a safety hazard or damage your machine.

  1. Take into consideration the boiling point of the liquid you are using, depending on your altitude.
    1. For example, infusing with butter in Denver, CO could cause the butter to boil over in the LĒVO if set at 200ºF because the high water content in butter is boiling at around 200ºF. We recommend adjusting the temperature accordingly (decreasing it) when at a higher altitude.

  2. Cooking with infused oils/fats at an altitude: Take into consideration the smoke point of the oil or butter you infused when you are using it for cooking.
    1. For example, the smoke point of butter is 350ºF at sea level, but in Denver, CO, it is closer to 320ºF. If using butter in a cookie recipe, take care not to exceed its smoke point temperature in the oven. Or, if you’re sautéing veggies with coconut oil, don’t exceed the smoke point temperature on the stove
    2. The infographic below gives context to the smoke points of common oils at varying altitudes.

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