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How to Use LĒVO Gummy Mix in the MixerUpdated 8 months ago

The Gummy Candy Mixer works best when using it to make LĒVO Gummy Candy Mix

1 full bag of mix is 1 cup of dry mix, and fills our 2 3mL sphere mold trays. 

Start with a clean stirrer and mixer machine. 


1. Add 1 bag of gummy mix and 6 tablespoons of water to the Gummy Mixer. Put the lid on.

2. Tap the power button one time, don't hold it. The light will be white. 

3. This setting will heat for 7 minutes and heat + stir for 7 minutes. It won't stir right away. After ~15 minutes the sound will beep and the first cycle will be complete. It is OK to add the oil during this step if you'd like to. 

4. Add up to 4 tablespoons of infused oil to the Gummy Mixer. It helps to mix the oil in a bit with a stir stick or knife here. Put the lid back on.

5. Press and HOLD the power button for 3 seconds. The light will be blue OR gold. This is a heat and stirring cycle.

6. After ~3-5 minutes the sound will beep and the second cycle will be complete. However, if the oil is still sitting on top, stir the oil in with a knife again and run this cycle as many times as you need to for the oil to completely mix in. 

7. If your mixture starts to cool and harden, start the first cycle again to reheat it, and stop the cycle when it looks soft enough to transfer to molds. 

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