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My Infusion is Not Strong Enough (Increasing Potency)Updated 7 months ago

The strength of your infusions can vary based on many different factors. Depending on what type of ingredients you are using and the way you prepare them, you can truly control how potent your infusions are!

When infusing with flower, it is important to remember that without the proper technology and tools found in a lab it is very difficult to know the exact potency of your infusion - consume with caution!

Potency can vary depending on factors such as:

  • Using fresh vs. dried botanicals
    • Dried botanicals transfer flavor, scent, and other properties more efficiently than if they were fresh
  • Ground vs whole herbs
    • Coarsely grinding or tearing up your herbs prior to adding them to the herb pod will allow them to better infuse into the carrier oil. For example, tearing up fresh basil leaves vs adding the whole leaves intact
  • Preparation of your ingredients
    • Activating certain botanicals under dry heat prior to infusing can maximize their effects
    • How tightly packed the ingredients are added to the herb pod
  • Temperature and length of infusion
    • Check that you are setting the appropriate time and temperature for the type of ingredients in your infusion. Use the LEVO calculator for suggested settings. If in doubt, follow the "LOW and SLOW" rule of thumb. The longer you infuse, the stronger it will become - but be careful not to overheat!

Tip: Add a second power pod to the reservoir to increase the amount of herbs you can infuse at once!

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