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Infusing with HoneyUpdated 2 years ago

Honey has a very thick viscosity making it difficult to dispense and clean in the LĒVO, but it is totally doable with a little care and definitely delicious!

  1. Dispense honey while it is still barely warm, but safe to touch - you can warm it up a little bit again inside the LĒVO if it has cooled down too much
  2. Try making your infusion using only coconut oil inside of the LĒVO, then mix in the infused coconut oil with the honey separately!
  3. You can also choose to leave out the stirrer for a honey infusion. Infusing without a stirrer will have the natural heat convection stir your infusion

We recommend infusing honey at 105-125 degrees F for at least two hours. You can adjust these times to whatever works best for your desired wants and needs!

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