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LĒVO Lux: Dispense Your InfusionUpdated 2 years ago

Has your LĒVO Lux finished infusing, and it's time to dispense the goods? Let's get into what's so different about the Lux's exclusive, customizable Dispense function! 

So your LĒVO has alerted you that your infusion is complete. The screen reads INFUSION COMPLETE CHOOSE DISPENSE MODE. What now?

When dispensing your infusion, it is important to select the appropriate dispense mode to efficiently drain the reservoir and minimize air bubbles. Based on your carrier oil, use the guide below to select the best dispense mode for your infusion:

Dispense Mode 1 Dispense Mode 2Dispense Mode 3

Water based liquids like milk, tea, vinegar

Fat based liquids like olive oil, coconut oil, and butters

Thick/viscous liquids like honey, syrups, and beeswax

How to Dispense with Lux

  1. Place your container of choice on the surface under the dispenser.
  2. Choose which DISPENSE MODE is appropriate then press and hold the DISPENSE button (big silver droplet) to drain.
  3. Allow the infusion to cool for 5–10 minutes before handling. Use caution, as it may be hot.

     NOTE: You must fully dispense your batch before removing the reservoir for cleaning.

Helpful Tips

  • If you let go of the DISPENSE button, your LĒVO's drain valve will automatically close.
  • When a dispense mode is selected while your LĒVO is infusing, your unit will remember & use the selected dispense mode when the DISPENSE button is pressed.

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