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My Herb Looks Burned After ActivationUpdated 7 months ago

So, you've completed the Activate cycle on your LĒVO only to find that your botanical ingredients appear burned. What gives!? Before you start to worry, continue on below...

The Activate cycle on the the LĒVO II is designed to heat up certain botanical ingredients to around 240ºF in order to produce a chemical reaction. The result of this chemical reaction will be apparent in the psychological effects felt after consumption, as well as in the visual appearance of the Activated herbs.

Successfully Activated herbs should appear "toasted", changing from shades of light/medium-green to dark-green and medium/dark-brown. The herbs should not appear blackened.

If you are experiencing Activated herbs that do appear burned or blackened, ensure that you are using the black silicone Pod Protecter at the bottom of the herb pod to protect the material from directly touching the hot metal surface. 

Also consider adjusting the time and temperature controls on Activate cycle to account for changes in type of ingredients, amount of ingredients, altitude, etc.

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