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What Should I Not Use In My LĒVO?Updated 6 months ago

Using your LĒVO machine in a non-authorized way can become a safety hazard & void your LĒVO warranty.

Our LĒVO products are intended to infuse dried botanicals into a variety of oils and butter.

The following items should not be used in LĒVO to protect user safety and the safety of your machine:

  • Solvents
  • Vape liquids/vape juice
  • Concentrates
  • Hash or hash oil
  • Budder/crumble/shatter

Many solvents, like alcohol, have a boiling point of 172.9ºF at sea level, which is much lower than LĒVO's maximum temperature setting. This poses a risk of fire or electric shock, should your ingredients reach their boiling point and catch on fire or leak inside of the machine.  

LĒVO does not recommend or promote the use of its products for the purposes of creating any type of inhalable substance; i.e. vape liquid/vape oil/vape juice. All LĒVO products are designed for use with ingestible oils and butters for the purpose of cooking or making at-home wellness products for personal consumption. 

Items that are waxy or sticky may melt down and stick to the herb pods/reservoir, resulting in a poor infusion, clogging, and could overheat or causing melting to inside the LĒVO.

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