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Which LĒVO Model Fits Your Needs?Updated 8 months ago

There's a LĒVO that's perfect for every kind of Infüsiast! 

Do you infuse often and need potent herbal infused batches to last you longer? You'll love the LĒVO C's large capacity oil basin and Jumbo Herb Pod so you'll always have your creations on hand - and never run out of your custom made edibles.

If you're more of the type who likes to experiment with all kinds of ingredients and have fully customizable settings at the touch of a button, LĒVO II or LĒVO Lux might be more your style. LĒVO II and Lux have 3-in1 Dry/Activate/Infuse cycles to take your infusions to the next level and the automated dispense makes clean up a breeze.

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