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Gummy Mixer Turning Off / Won't Turn OnUpdated 8 months ago

Is your Gummy Mixer not turning on, or mysteriously shutting off mid-use? 

Please review the below standard Gummy Mixer use to be certain everything has been acknowledged and covered. It may be a simple, small fix! 

  1. First, ensure Gummy Mixer is plugged in and sitting on its base. 
  2. For Cycle 1, you will press button once (quick button push) and white LED light will turn on. 
  3. To allow time for your device to heat up completely, stirring can take ~7 minute to begin in Cycle 1. 
  4. After ~7 minutes, the stirring will then cycle intermittently (starts and stops) as part of its design. This whole cycle takes 14-15 minutes to complete.

  5. For Cycle 2, again ensure Gummy Mixer is plugged in and sitting on its base. 
  6. Press and hold button for 3 seconds, until blue LED light turns on. 
  7. There will be no heating in this cycle, and stirring will be consistent. This cycle takes 2 minutes.

 Note: Keep in mind whenever the Gummy Maker is lifted from its base plate, this will reset any cycle, including heating, in progress. When placed back on its base plate, it will need to be restarted. 

Started the cycle too early or want to reset the cycle? 
The cycle can be shut off and reset while in progress by pressing the Gummy Mixer button once.

To restart cycle 1, place back on base and press button once (white light).

To restart cycle 2, place back on base and press & hold for 3 seconds (blue light).

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