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How To Clean Your LĒVO CUpdated 2 years ago

Cleaning your LĒVO C is super easy! All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe for your convenience — this means you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your infusions! 

Let's dive into how to clean your LĒVO C.  

1. Unplug your machine and allow it to cool completely. Empty out any remaining liquid inside the basin and herbs inside the Jumbo Herb Pod. 

2. Separate the removable part components from the machine, which includes the glass basin, silicone lid, silicone stirrer, Jumbo Herb Pod and Jumbo Herb Pod cap. 


3. Place the removable part components in your dishwasher to be cleaned, or they can also be hand washed with dish soap. 


4. Use a soft cloth and diluted vinegar or mild cleaning solution to wipe down the LĒVO C machine base, taking care to clean off any excess liquid that may have spilled on the heat plate. 

 Note: The LĒVO C machine base is HAND WASH ONLY. Do not put the LĒVO C machine base in the dishwasher. 



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