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Using Your LĒVO C

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Take your herbal infusions to the next level with LĒVO C. From Activating to Infusing, here are all the things you need to know about how to use your infusion machine.


LĒVO C Activate Mode

LĒVO C comes with two settings: Activate and Infuse. The Activate setting is what you will use to decarboxylate your flower and activate the psychoactive effects.

LĒVO C Infuse Mode

Ready to start infusing with your LĒVO C? Let's dive into how to use your infusion machine and start making big batches of herbal-infused oils, butter & more using customizable time and temperature.

How To Clean Your LĒVO C

So you've made your first infusion and are ready to clean your LEVO C. Follow these instructions on how to clean the removable parts and LEVO C machine to extend its life.