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How to Store Your LĒVO After UseUpdated 8 months ago

After each use, it's important to clean and store your LĒVO properly!

  1. Store the LĒVO on a flat, sturdy surface with the electrical cord unplugged and neatly wrapped around the cord storage bar on the back of the unit 
  2. The clean and dry removable parts (reservoir, nozzle, stirrer, herb pod, and lid seal) may be stored inside of the LĒVO's heating chamber in their proper positions after the machine has been unplugged and turned off. Lost a part and need to replace it? Find them all for purchase here
  3. Taking your LĒVO with you on the go? We recommend you save the retail box & protective inserts that the LĒVO comes originally packaged inside of for easy storage and transportation. Storing the LĒVO inside of its retail box can also help conceal any unwanted odor that may result from use with certain botanicals.
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