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Using Your LĒVO II

Just getting started with the LĒVO II? Here you'll find everything you need to know about how to dry, activate and infuse your herbs.

LĒVO II: Getting Started & Setting Up

LĒVO II: Getting Started & Setting UpWelcome to LĒVO! Now that you bought the machine that makes home infusion simpler, let's set it up!When starting a cycle, the LĒVO will display a default time and temperature setting. The default setting can be ad

LĒVO II: Dry Cycle

Dry Mode Let’s dive in and understand a bit more about the Dry cycle and when to use it!Most of us have a pantry lined with store-bought herbs & spices. They are an essential addition to many recipes and are much more shelf-stable than fresh herbs.Yo

LĒVO II: Activate Cycle

Activate ModeLĒVO II comes with three settings: Activate, Dry, and Infuse. Let’s dive in and understand a bit more about the Activate cycle & when to use it!If you’re cooking with flower, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the two primary compo

LĒVO II: Infuse Cycle

Infuse ModeYou've received your new LĒVO infuser... now what? Create your first infusion, of course!Before you get started, check out what not to do here!Follow the steps below to get started:Plug in your LĒVO - it needs to be ON to remove the washab

Change Temperature from Fahrenheit (ºF) to Celsius (ºC)

Change Temperature from Fahrenheit (ºF) to Celsius (ºC)Changing the temperature scale on your LĒVO machine is simple!Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings by holding down the TEMPERATURE '+' and '-' buttons at the same time for 1

Mute or Unmute the Sound Effects

Mute or Unmute the Sound EffectsBy default, LĒVO has sounds enabled on the keypad and to signal when your infusion is complete. We think you'll like them! If not, you can turn all sounds OFF/ON by holding down TIME + and TIME - at the same time for 1

Cleaning Your LĒVO II

Cleaning your LĒVOYour LĒVO should be cleaned after every use, before storing it away. Here's how to properly take care of your LĒVO!Your LĒVO machine should never be partially or completely submerged in water. All parts should be removed prior to cl

How to Store Your LĒVO After Use

How to Store your LĒVO After UseAfter each use, it's important to clean and store your LĒVO properly!Store the LĒVO on a flat, sturdy surface with the electrical cord unplugged and neatly wrapped around the cord storage bar on the back of the unit Th

LĒVO II User Manual (PDF)

LĒVO II User Manual (PDF)Download the PDF copy of the LĒVO II User Manual here!