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LĒVO C: Activate CycleUpdated 8 months ago

LĒVO C comes with two settings: Activate and Infuse. Let's dive in and understand a bit more about the Activate Cycle! 

If you’re cooking with flower, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the two primary compounds found in your botanical ingredients. They’re generally inactive in raw material and need to be “activated” through a process of heating before any psychoactive effects can be felt. The Activate cycle is meant for certain botanical ingredients that have chemical compounds that are activated after being exposed to a certain amount of heat.

The scientific word for this process, when using flower, is also called decarboxylation or what many people simply call decarbing.

If you're using dry culinary herbs — think rosemary, dill, or basil — you can skip the Activate (decarb) setting and go straight to infuse.        

LĒVO C features a default time and temperature setting of 240°F/116°F for 45 minutes. These settings cannot be further customized. Here are the steps to get started: 

1. Flip the power switch or tap any button to wake up your LĒVO C. 

2. Remove the glass bain from the machine base by carefully lifting it off the heat plate; then remove the basin's lid by gently lifting upwards. 

3. Remove your Jumbo Herb Pod and add your ingredients. Take care not to pack your herbs too tightly to allow the oil to flow through. 

4. With the silicone cap securely in place, hang your filled Jumbo Herb Pod on the glass basin away from the basic lip. 

5. Place the lid on the basin, ensuring the cutout on the lid is aligned with where you have suspended the Jumbo Herb Pod. 

6. Press "Activate" to select the Activate (decarb) cycle. 

 Note: The Activate settings cannot be customized, however, the cycle can be stopped early or repeated again for desired results. We recommend running the Activate cycle once for a half-full pod and twice for a full pod. Stir around & redistribute the herb between cycles to ensure even cooking. 

7. Press "Start".  

❗ Note: The Silicone Stirrer is not needed for Activate cycles — we recommend removing it and adding it back before you infuse. 

Things to Note About The LĒVO C Activate Cycle 

  • The time it takes for LĒVO C to reach your set temperature can vary depending on factors like altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you're using. Allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature.
  • Removing the Basin from the machine base will automatically pause the cycle. The cycle will resume once the basin in back in place and "Start" is pressed. 
  • Your LĒVO C will display "Warming Up" as it preheats to the programmed temperature and will begin the selected cycle when the preset temperature has been reached. 
  • During the cycle, the display will show "Remaining Time" and "Current Temperature". 
  • Your LĒVO C will display "Complete" when the timer is up and your activation is complete. To manually end the cycle, press pause followed by "Activate" or "Infuse".





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