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LĒVO C: Infuse CycleUpdated 8 months ago

Ready to start infusing with your LĒVO C? Let's dive into how to use your infusion machine and start making big batches of herbal-infused oils, butter & more. 


1. The LĒVO C should be set on a flat surface and stay put for the remainder of the process. 


2. Remove the glass basin from the machine base by carefully lifting it off the heat plate; then remove the basin's lid by gently lifting upwards. 


3. Place the silicone stirrer in the center cavity inside the basin (paddle side up). 


4. Remove your Jumbo Herb Pod from the basin and add your ingredients. Make sure not to pack it too tightly, so that liquid can freely flow in and out. 

Note: If you are infusing flower, make sure to follow the instructions on how to Activate (decarb) your flower before adding oil and infusing. 

5. With the silicone cap securely on, hang your packed Jumbo Herb Pod on the glass basin away from the basin lip. Place the lid on the basin ensuring the cutout on the lid is aligned with where you have suspended the Herb Pod.                    

6. Add up to 33 oz (1 L) of liquid to the basin, or fill the basin until your herbs are fully submerged. Be careful not to overfill and ensure the liquid reaches the minimum fill line. 

7. Press the "Infuse" button to start your infusion. 

❗Note: LĒVO C will automatically suggest a default time and temperature for the Infuse cycle. You can adjust the time (up to 10 hours) and temperature (up to 200°F/93°C) settings, as needed, by pressing the + and - buttons. Once you’re happy with your settings, press "Start".           

8. Your LVO C will display "Warming Up" as it preheats to your desired temperature and begin the cycle once the preset temperature has been reached. 

9. Your LVO C will display "Complete" when the time is up and your infusion is complete. 

❗Note: You can change the time and temperature or manually end your cycle at any time. To manually end the cycle, press "Pause" followed by "Activate" or "Infuse".  

10. Now you're ready to pour or store your infusion! Allow the infusion to cool before handling. 

11. Remove the basin, take off the silicone lid, and carefully pour your infusion into a container of your choice. Or, simply keep your infusion fresh in the LVO C basin.  

12. Clean your LVO C after each use. All removable items are dishwasher safe. 

Things to Note About The LĒVO C Infuse Cycle 

  • The time it takes for LVO C to reach your set temperature can vary depending on factors like altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you're using. Allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature. 
  • Removing the Basin from the machine base will automatically pause the cycle. The cycle will resume once the basin in back in place and "Start" is pressed. 
  • Your LĒVO C will display "Warming Up" as it preheats to the programmed temperature and will begin the selected cycle when the preset temperature has been reached. 
  • During the cycle, the display will show "Remaining Time" and "Current Temperature." 
  • Your LĒVO C will display "Complete" when the timer is up and your activation is complete. To manually end the cycle, press pause followed by "Activate" or "Infuse" 
  • For recommendations on the best settings for different oils, butter, and other liquids, check out our handy Time & Temperature Calculator


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