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LĒVO Close Lid ErrorUpdated 8 months ago

If you are experiencing a close lid error, please try the below troubleshoot.

A potential cause may be that the reservoir isn't fully flush within your LĒVO. To test this:
1. Press and hold down the RELEASE button under the lid while lifting the reservoir UP and out of the LĒVO.
2. Hold down the RELEASE button and reinsert the reservoir into place, directing the nozzle through the drain opening. 
Let go of the RELEASE button when the reservoir is securely and completely in place. 

Pressing the RELEASE button once will open the drain valve for 7 seconds, or you can press and hold for as long as necessary to insert or remove the reservoir.


If you are experiencing an issue inserting your reservoir, please check the rubber gasket that keeps your LĒVO drain tube and reservoir connected. 

- If this piece is damaged, it can make it difficult to insert your reservoir properly and close the lid. 

- If you suspect the nozzle is damaged, please email us at [email protected]


Please check if there is any damage to the small lid latch located beneath the outer edge of the lid

- If you do not see damage, try closing the lid by pressing down firmly on the right edge until you feel the spring lid latch engage with the lid. 

If it did not engage, and if you can still lift up the lid with one finger, or if it still says to close the lid, the spring lid latch mechanism may be defective. 

If these steps don't help resolve your issue, please contact our team at [email protected].

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