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LĒVO I or II Won’t Turn On

Try these troubleshooting steps if your LĒVO will not turn on
  1. Start with correctly using POWER button
    1. For LĒVO I: Make sure your LĒVO is turned on and you are pressing the POWER button icon and sliding your finger down the keypad without losing contact. The keypad is just needs light pressure from skin contact
    2. For LĒVO II: Hold down the POWER button for 3 seconds
  2. Try plugging the LĒVO's electrical cord into a different electrical outlet that is confirmed to work. The LĒVO can only operate using AC 110V 50/60Hz 250W
  3. Has your LĒVO sprung a leak or taken a fall? That could be what is preventing it from turning on. Contact us at [email protected] to provide more details on what happened, and we'll try our best to help!

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