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LĒVO II: Activate CycleUpdated 7 months ago

LĒVO II comes with three settings: Activate, Dry, and Infuse. Let’s dive in and understand a bit more about the Activate cycle & when to use it!

If you’re cooking with flower, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the two primary compounds found in your botanical ingredients. They’re generally inactive in raw material and need to be “activated” through a process of heating before any psychoactive effects can be felt. The Activate cycle is meant for certain botanical ingredients that have chemical compounds that are activated after being exposed to a certain amount of heat.

The scientific word for this process, when using flower, is also called decarboxylation or what many people simply call decarbing.

By default, we recommend using the ACTIVATE cycle at 240ºF/116ºC  for 30 minutes.

Settings can be customized based on user preference, within the following parameters:

TIME: Up to 10 hours

TEMP: 200º F/ 93ºC (MIN) to 275º F/ 135º C (MAX) 

The Activate mode is used for activating flower to make potent infusions! Just looking to store cooking herbs or to dry herbs to make something like a nice olive-oil? Check out the Dry mode instead
  1. Set up your LĒVO for use. The LĒVO must be powered ON for things like the lid lock to function. Press & hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on
    Only use authorized LĒVO products, parts & accessories to avoid damage to your LĒVO machine and to stay within warranty coverage. Using items like metal screens can damage your ingredients and the machine.
  2. Push the lid down with light pressure to open
    NEVER attempt to open the lid when the lid lock is activated. Always make sure the machine is powered ON and the lid is UNLOCKED before opening. A broken lid due to improper use is not covered under warranty
    1. With the machine ON, press the Reservoir Release button to remove the Reservoir/Drain Tube
    2. Set up your LĒVO for use, making sure the reservoir is securely attached to the drain tube before inserting them together into the LĒVO
    3. Insert reservoir. Only use the machine after the reservoir and drain tube have been inserted correctly. The reservoir should sit flat and flush against the heat plate under it
      Insert Reservoir
  3. Add the black silicone Pod Protector to the bottom of your herb pod/power pod. This protects your herbs from the direct heat of the metal base
    Insert Pod Protector
  4. Prepare your ingredients to add to the herb pod:
    1. Dry off any excess moisture with a cloth or paper towel
    2. Herbs can be cut up or ground into smaller pieces if necessary
    3. Do not over-fill the herb pod. It should be packed loosely
  5. Add your filled herb pod to the reservoir beside the “Place Pod Here” marker. The magnetic bracket will cling to the side of the reservoir where the marker is.
  6. Do not add any liquid to the reservoir during the ACTIVATE cycle. Liquid (butter/oils) should not be added until you start your INFUSE cycle!
  7. Close the lid and select the ACTIVATE cycle on the display. Customize your desired TIME and TEMPERATURE settings, then press START.


Used for any fresh herb that is not flower

For flower only

Not used to increase potency of psychoactive effects in flower. Used to remove moisture from fresh botanicals for stronger taste and better shelf life.

Heats at higher temperature to "turn on" or "activate" the psychoactive effects of flower

Heats herbs at the perfect temperature to dry them before infusions and for long-term storage

Replaces the dry mode when using flower; Drying at the same time as it increases potency

115º F/ 46ºC (MIN) to 175º F/ 80º C (MAX)

Up to 10 hours

200º F/ 93ºC (MIN) to 275º F/ 135º C (MAX) 

Up to 10 hours

Available on the following models:




Available on the following models:




As with the Dry setting, take care to Activate with only herbs added into the herb pod/reservoir. Never use any liquid while using the Activate mode. Once activation is complete, you will move to the Infusion mode where you add your oil or butter.

Please Note: The time it takes LEVO to Warm Up to your set temperature can vary significantly, depending on factors like altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you are using. Unlike a kitchen oven’s larger exposed heating coils, the LEVO uses an insulated laboratory heat-plate that heats from beneath the reservoir, so please allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature

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