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LĒVO II: Infuse CycleUpdated 8 months ago

You've received your new LĒVO infuser... now what? Create your first infusion, of course!

Before you get started, check out what not to do here!

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Plug in your LĒVO - it needs to be ON to remove the washable parts inside
Keep a Spare Parts Kit handy for when your Reservoir, Power Pod, Magnetic Stirrer & Drain Tube are in the wash, or for non-flower infusions. Shop the Spare Parts Kit.
Only use authorized LĒVO products, parts & accessories to avoid damage to your LĒVO machine and to stay within warranty coverage. Using items like metal screens can damage your ingredients and the machine.
  1. Press & hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on
  2. Push the lid down with light pressure to open
    NEVER attempt to open the lid when the lid lock is activated. Always make sure the machine is powered ON and the lid is UNLOCKED before opening. A broken lid due to improper use is not covered under warranty
  3. With the machine ON, press the Reservoir Release button to remove the Reservoir/Drain Tube
Need a new reservoir or drain tube? Check out our Spare Parts collection.
  1. Set up your LĒVO for use, making sure the reservoir is securely attached to the drain tube before inserting them together into the LĒVO
  2. Insert reservoir. Only use the machine after the reservoir and drain tube have been inserted correctly to avoid leaks!
    Insert Reservoir
  3. Add the included stirrer inside the reservoir on the center mark
Need a new magnetic stirrer? Shop it here.
  1. Protect your herb by inserting the Pod Protector into the bottom of the Power Pod
Need a new Pod Protector? Shop it here.
Insert Pod Protector
  1. Prepare your dry ingredients/herbs to add to the herb pod:
    1. Dry off any excess moisture with a cloth or paper towel
    2. Dried botanicals should be coarsely ground (not too finely ground) to minimize excess sediment in your infusion
    3. Do not over-pack the herb pod so that liquid can easily flow through it! Our Power Pod will hold up to 1/2 cup of dry botanicals. You can use a second Power Pod to double your herb capacity. Shop the Power Pod.
  2. Add your filled herb pod to the reservoir beside the “Place Pod Here” marker. The magnetic bracket will cling to the side of the reservoir where it's marked
    Insert Power Pod
  3. Add between 5 fl oz to 19 fl oz of your favorite fat-soluble liquid (oil or butter) to the reservoir. Oils or butter can be added in liquid OR solid form.
    NEVER overfill the reservoir to avoid waste of your product & damage to the machine. Internal leaks due to improper use are not covered by warranty
    Dry ingredients inside the herb pod should be completely submerged in your liquid - you may need more coarsely ground herb if most of your product is above your liquid
  4. Select the INFUSE cycle on the display. Customize your desired TIME and TEMPERATURE settings, then press START
    Allow a longer "Warming Up" period for colder liquids or items that are not already in liquid form, such as a stick of butter right out the fridge
    Turn On Infuse Cycle
  5. Be sure to share your creation with your friends! #LEVOmade

 Happy infusing!

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