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LĒVO Lux Insert or Remove ReservoirUpdated 2 years ago

The drain valve is an electronic mechanism that requires your machine to be powered ON while holding the RELEASE button to function.

To Insert

  • Hold down the RELEASE button under the lid while lowering the reservoir down into place
  • Direct the drain tube (nozzle) through the drain opening
  • Let go of the RELEASE button when the reservoir is securely and completely in place

To Remove

  • Make sure your infusion is completely dispensed first
  • With your infusion completely drained, press and hold down the RELEASE button under the lid while lifting the reservoir UP and out of the LĒVO

  • Having trouble removing still? Make sure the drain valve is not pinching the drain tube in place. The machine must be turned on before you press the RELEASE button to activate the electronic mechanism that releases the tube

NOTE: Pressing the RELEASE button once will open the drain valve for 7 seconds, or you can press and hold for as long as necessary to insert or remove the reservoir. 
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