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Troubleshooting LĒVO Lux

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LĒVO Lux Won't Turn On

Does it appear your LEVO isn't turning ON?1. Be sure to first plug it into a 110V outlet with the power cord.      a. Your LUX has a toggle switch right above the power cord in the back.      b. The line ➖ signifies ON and the circle 🔘 is OFF.2. Onc

LĒVO Lux Insert or Remove Reservoir

LĒVO Machine Insert or Remove ReservoirThe drain valve is an electronic mechanism that requires your machine to be powered ON while holding the RELEASE button to functionTo InsertHold down the RELEASE button under the lid while lowering the reservoir

LĒVO Lux Stuck on Warming Up Mode

LĒVO Machine Stuck on Warming Up ModeThe time it takes to complete Warming Up at the beginning of a cycle will vary for each use. Much like an oven, heat up times in the LĒVO I & LĒVO II machines can vary 15-30 minutes depending on factors such as:Te

LĒVO Lux Leaking from Drain

LĒVO Machine Leaking from DrainIt is normal to experience some drips coming out of the drain over the course of an infusion, especially if you are dispensing any liquid to "taste test" as you go. Just wipe the metal drip plate clean as needed or put

LĒVO Lux Leaking from Inside

LĒVO Machine Leaking from InsideDo you have a leak in your LĒVO I or LĒVO II machine from the inside, back panel or base?Internal leaks and spills can happen by accidentally over-filling your reservoir past the "MAX" fill line. Smaller drips coming o

LĒVO Lux Machine Broken Lid

LĒVO Machine Broken LidThe lids on LĒVO I & LĒVO II machines are spring-activated and just require a soft push down to open. Do not force the lid open as this may cause accidental damage to the machine, which is not covered by warrantyThe LĒVO I is n