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LĒVO Lux Leaking from DrainUpdated 2 years ago

It is normal to experience some drips coming out of the drain over the course of an infusion, especially if you are dispensing any liquid to "taste test" as you go. Just wipe the metal drip plate clean as needed or put a catch container underneath, if preferred.

The drain valve is an electronic mechanism that requires your machine to be powered ON while holding the RELEASE button to function.

If you are experiencing leaking from the drain that is greater than a couple drips here and there, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the drain tube (nozzle) is securely attached to the reservoir’s spout and the reservoir correctly installed inside of the heating chamber. This is done by holding down the RELEASE button with the machine powered ON until the reservoir rests flat.
  2. Check that there is no damage to the silicone nozzle, such as tears or holes. The silicone nozzle can wear over time with extended use, due to the drain valve opening and closing around it under heat
    1. If your nozzle has become torn or detached due to regular use or damage, you can purchase replacement parts here. Are you within warranty and believe you have a defective part? You may begin a warranty claim.
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