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LĒVO Lux Machine Broken LidUpdated 2 years ago

The lid on LĒVO Lux machine sports a brand new design! There is no spring release, or automated locking function. It simply requires a gentle, manual lift after the press of a button! ✨

Having issues opening your lid? Whether coming from using our LEVO II or brand new to our LEVO machines, note there will be some key differences between our new Lux's lid and the lids of our past LEVO II and LEVO I models. 

1. Looking at your LEVO from the front, your Lux has a button located on its upper right side.

2. Once the button has been pressed, proceed to manually lift its lid - which takes only a gentle lift.

3. Upon closing your lid, you’ll hear a click to signify it has been closed all the way – it will sit flush, so you know it’s closed.

 If you ever need to lift your lid mid-infusion, just press button on the side and it will pause the infusion. When you need to resume, just close the lid and press start (on your LEVO's front panel).

If still experiencing an issue, please provide our LĒVO Support Team further details at [email protected], so that we can diagnose and determine what may be occurring, and how to help you next. 

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