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LĒVO Lux Won't Turn OnUpdated 2 years ago

Try these troubleshooting steps if your LĒVO Lux will not turn on:

Does it appear your LEVO isn't turning ON?

1. Be sure to first plug it into a 110V outlet with the power cord. 

     a. Your LUX has a toggle switch right above the power cord in the back. 
     b. The line ➖ signifies ON and the circle 🔘 is OFF.
2. Once plugged in and switched ON, it immediately powers on. No need to hold any power buttons in

     the front.

NOTE: Your LĒVO will go into standby mode after 10 minutes of no activity. To bring it back, simply tap anywhere on its front panel. 👉 

If still experiencing an issue, please provide our LĒVO Support Team further details at [email protected], so that we can diagnose and determine what may be occurring, and how to help you next. 
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