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LĒVO Opening & Closing LidUpdated 8 months ago

The lids on LĒVO II machines are spring-activated and just require a soft push down to open. Do not force the lid open as this may cause accidental damage to the machine, which is not covered by warranty
The LĒVO I is now discontinued
Lid will not CLOSE:
  1. The lid has two main parts, the lid hinge that connects it to the machine and the lid latch. Check that both of these areas are not already broken
  2. Close the lid by pressing down firmly on the right edge until you feel the spring lid latch engage with the lid. If you can lift up the lid with one finger, it should not open. If the latch did not engage and the lid can still be lifted open, the spring lid latch is defective 
  3. Need additional support? Contact our Customer Experience team by sending an email to [email protected]

Lid will not OPEN:

  1. If the lid will not open because the lid lock is engaged, and will not unlock:
    1. Power OFF and unplug LEVO, then plug in and power ON again
    2. If the unit does not automatically unlock, hold the Lock/Unlock button on the keypad
      1. If the locking tab unlocks, wait 10 seconds, and if it stays unlocked the issue should be fixed
    3. If it does not unlock, or if it unlocks and re-locks again automatically, submit a warranty claim here
  2. If you have any ingredients locked inside the LĒVO, follow these steps to open the lid the retrieve them:
    1. Wait until the LĒVO is cooled down completely, then hold down the DISPENSE button on the keypad to release any remaining liquid inside the reservoir
    2. Power OFF the LĒVO
    3. Using the end of a dull utensil, like a butter knife or a letter opener, insert it into the notched hole where the locking tab is and push the tab inwards, while lifting the lid upwards. Using little force, you can lift the lid open and around the extended locking tab
    4. Once open, remove all of your ingredients and submit a warranty claim

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