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LĒVO Machine Drain Valve Does Not Open or Close

The drain valve is an electronic mechanism that requires your machine to be powered ON while holding the RELEASE button to function

The drain valve (aka pinch valve) is designed to close around the silicone nozzle to seal the drain from dispensing any liquid until you press the RELEASE button.

  • With the reservoir removed, look down your LĒVO to see the drain valve
  • When your LĒVO is on and no buttons pressed, you should see a 2-millimeter gap, or a half-moon shape, when the drain valve is in the closed position. In order to leave enough room to close around the nozzle, it does not shut completely
  • If you press the RELEASE/DISPENSE button and it doesn't open or close the valve or makes a strange sound, it may be a defective drain valve. Please contact [email protected] for assistance
  • If you are experiencing any leaks from the drain, see LĒVO I: Leaking from Drain


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