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LĒVO II: Getting Started & Setting UpUpdated 2 years ago

Welcome to LĒVO! Now that you bought the machine that makes home infusion simpler, let's set it up!

When starting a cycle, the LĒVO will display a default time and temperature setting. The default setting can be adjusted as necessary within the ranges shown below: 

  1. Remove all outer and inner packaging from the LĒVO
  2. Set the LĒVO on a flat & sturdy surface and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet
  3. Press and hold the POWER button to turn the LĒVO on
  4. Open the lid by pressing down on it gently to release the spring latch.
  5. Rinse the removable parts inside the LĒVO with warm, soapy water and dry before replacing
    1. Metal reservoir & removable silicone nozzle
    2. Silicone stirrer
    3. Double herb pod & cap
    4. Pod protector

      *To remove the metal reservoir from the LĒVO, press and hold the RELEASE button under the lid while lifting it UP and OUT
  6. Make sure the silicone nozzle is securely re-attached to the reservoir's spout and place back inside the LĒVO
  7. Hold down the RELEASE button under the lid while lowering the reservoir down into place, directing the nozzle through the drain opening. 
    1. Pressing the RELEASE button once will open the drain valve for 7 seconds; or you can press and hold for as long as necessary
  8. Place the magnetic stirrer inside the reservoir on the center bump
    1. Ensure that the stirrer magnetically aligns in the center of the reservoir (should not be off-center)
  9. Place the double herb pod inside the reservoir beside the PLACE POD HERE guideline
    1. The herb pod’s bracket will magnetically cling to the reservoir at the marking
    2. The pod protector should be placed inside the bottom of the double herb pod before adding any ingredients for DRY or ACTIVATE cycles
  10.  Set your temperature reading to display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. 
  11. Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by holding down the temperature '+' and '-' buttons at the same time for 1 second
  12. LĒVO's sounds are on by default. We think you'll like them. However, you can mute all sounds by pressing time '+' and '-'  for 1 second

The LĒVO II has three cycle options; DRY, ACTIVATE, & INFUSE

Use our Oil & Herb Calculator for INFUSE setting recommendations based on your type of ingredients!

The default settings are just suggestions based around most common use cases. Other factors should be considered when setting the time and temperature, like your environment (ie. altitude), the type of ingredients you are using, and the end result you desire.

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