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Oil Not Mixing Into Gummy MixUpdated 8 months ago

The Gummy Candy Mixer does the majority of the stirring and mixing for you when making gummies, but you may still need to stir the mixture by hand just before transferring it to your gummy molds to ensure a smooth and even consistency in your finished candies. 

Using a kitchen utensil, gently stir the gummy mixture by hand inside the Gummy Candy Mixer for 5-10 seconds just before you add it to your molds. If you are using plastic droppers to transfer your mixture to your molds, we recommend stirring the mixture with your dropper as you go. 

PRO TIP: Try making a smaller batch of gummies at one time (just use 1/2 cup of dry LEVO gummy mix and cut the recipe instructions in half). The oil will stir in more easily and you can experiment with different flavors and colors of gummies in your molds!

Make sure you are following the correct steps:

1. Add your gummy mix and water to the Gummy Mixer. Put the lid on.

2. Press the power button one time. The light will be white. This cycle will heat first for 7 minutes, then begin stirring. It won't stir right away, this is normal.

3. After ~15 minutes the sound will beep and the first cycle will be complete.

4. Add your oil to the Gummy Mixer. Put the lid on.

5. Press and HOLD the power button for 3 seconds. The light will be blue.

6. After ~2 minutes the sound will beep and the second cycle will be complete.

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