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LĒVO Lux Leaking from InsideUpdated 2 years ago

Do you have a leak in your LĒVO Lux machine from the inside, back panel, or base?

Internal leaks and spills can happen by accidentally over-filling your reservoir past the "MAX" fill line. Smaller drips coming off the thermometer when opening the lid can result in very small spills which can be easily cleaned when the machine is cooled off and turned off.

With your LĒVO cooled down and the reservoir completely drained of liquid, remove the reservoir from the unit. Any excess liquid/ residue still on the heat plate or in the heating chamber can be wiped away and cleaned off with a damp cloth. Use a cotton swab to clean inside the drain hole. 

Never pour any liquid inside the heating chamber to "rinse" it! The liquid may leak through the drain valve and reach the electronics inside of the LĒVO. Instead, wipe away any liquid/residue using a damp paper towel or cloth of the machine and remove any parts which are dishwasher-safe

If a large amount of liquid spilled and started to leak out of the machine, check out this article

  1. Adding too much liquid to the reservoir, which causes a spillover between the reservoir and heat plate
  2. The reservoir was removed without first completely dispensing the liquid inside
  3. The drain tube (nozzle under the reservoir) became detached from the reservoir or has become damaged. Need a new drain tube or reservoir? See all of our replacement parts for purchase here
  4. The reservoir was not installed correctly inside of the heating chamber (drain tube was not attached or aligned properly or reservoir was not pushed down completely flat)

If you detect a leak from the base or back panel, drain the reservoir completely, if possible, then remove it and and power OFF/unplug the unit as soon as possible.

Tilt the LEVO backwards slightly on its back bottom edge to allow any remaining liquid to drain out. The LEVO should be left to dry out overnight before being powered ON again.

Accidental damages are not covered by warranty. Please see our Warranty Policy.

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