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Warranty Returns/Refunds SoP WIP

Warranty Returns/Refunds WIPFor internal-use only.BEGINNING MATERIALSReview Warranty section in 2020 LĒVO Customer Service SoPs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C15tpm4OH4J-MhFB0hS_Tng20_SIdWWCq1G3xXeJ7s0/edit?usp=sharingReview Flowchart for Dete

"Whoops Looks Like Something’s Wrong" - App Verification Issue

If someone is having an issue verifying their email address in the LĒVO app, please follow the below steps to manually verify their email.Log in to the admin portal for the app.URL: admin.levooil.comUser Name: [email protected]: levolove201

Exchanging a LĒVO

In the rare instances when someone would like to exchange a LĒVO unit, for another color for instance, please follow these steps to assist them. Essentially, we have to treat this like a return and then generate a new order for them. The difference

Return Logic- Basics

Basic overview of Return Logic and Extend Warranties/RMAs/RefundsBelow is an overview on handling Return Logic and Extend Claims at LĒVO. Please be aware that if the customer did not purchase an Extend Warranty, and if the customer purchased the unit

FedEx Log-in

FedEx Log-inFor internal-use only.Log into FedEx hereUsername - chrissy0925Pw - Levo20171!

Warranty Eligibility

Warranty EligibilityFor internal-use only.Warranty Eligibility - JAN21.pdf

Warranty Vid Tutorials

Warranty Vid TutorialsFor internal-use only.https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lf_plAekAKk5MtvgT6WzZKUsD2tLEix6

First Nations (Indian) Tax Exemptions

Members of Canadian First Nations tribes may have a "Secure Certificate of Indian Status" card that exempts them from paying certain taxes. This can be set up in Shopify on their account so that they won't be charged on future orders. If they DON'T a

Better Business Bureau Tickets- Advanced

When a BBB ticket is received in Gorgias, click on the link that says “Click here to read message.”Enter this email address: [email protected] GIF Placeholder for steps 1 & 2Read the message, get the details, and resolve the issue. Reply to/help t

Return Logic - Return LĒVO from Part of Kit

These directions are meant to be used when processing a return in Return Logic for a LĒVO unit that was part of a kit. Only LĒVO units themselves are return/refundable. Return Logic defaults to returning the value for an entire kit instead of the uni